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newborn care specialist


Gentle Support

Your Postpartum Doula/NCS is a trained and experienced professional who provides guidance, hands-on care, advice, and day or night support for parents and newborns. They help you calmly transition into your new lifestyle by making it as smooth and enjoyable as possible, during what could be the most overwhelming period of new parenthood. They create a safe space for parents to rest and recover, and educate parents - giving them the confidence they need once their Doula or NCS leaves.
Your Doula or NCS's main priority is caring for your new addition(s) and ensuring that both mother and baby are healthy and their needs are met. All of our doulas are trained, have a clean background check, hold current Infant CPR & 1st Aid through the (American Heart Association) and are also insured.

  • Your doula gives crucial advice on establishing routines, feeding/nursing, sleeping, clothing, bathing and physically performs all of these tasks as required.

  • If mother is nursing, your doula will observe, guide and encourage as necessary.

  • If mother is pumping or the baby is bottle-fed, your doula will ensure that all feeding equipment is clean, sterilized and prepared for use, day or night. Your doula is responsible for feeding the baby and for helping parents establish the best feeding routines.

  • Your doula will diaper the baby before or after feeds, and as required, to permit mother time for rest.

  • ​Your doula will support mothers that have been ill following delivery including, identifying and supporting mothers with "Baby Blues" or postpartum depression.

  • Your doula will maintain the organization of clothing, supplies and the tidying of the nursery.

  • Your doula follows cues and provides respite for the family when required, including providing 100% overnight care.

  • Your doula will bring water and snacks to mother when nursing or if unable to support her own care.

  • Your doula will go above and beyond, taking over household tasks to ensure mom rests, heals quickly, and feels confident in motherhood.

Families have their own unique needs and schedules. Most contact us before their baby is born and use the support of a doula for 3 weeks - 3 months. Rates for Doulas & NCS begin at $30/hr.
Daily Postpartum Doulas – work 4 - 12 hours/day & up to 6 days per week. They provide all the support without overnight care.
Night Nannies – work 8 - 12 hours overnight & up to 6 days per week. They provide full care for babies during the night so parents can sleep, and will bring nursing babies to the mother's bedside for feeding.  They are an excellent resource for implementing a sleep routine.​

Are you looking for around-the-clock care? Click here.

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