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Mignon Fields

DOB: 01/22/1994

Place of Birth: Houston

Home Address: Texas, US

Languages: English

Personal Profile:

Hello! My name is Mignon. I am a compassionate and dedicated doula who flourishes by serving others. With my background in the medical field and passion in supporting families, I offer gentle nurturing care to both babies and parents during those nighttime hours. My goal is to create a peaceful and supportive environment where you can recharge and bond with your baby. From soothing techniques and feeding support, to ensuring a safe sleep space, I am here to provide expert care that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the day.

I believe that every family deserves a peaceful transition into parenthood, and I'm honored to play a role in helping you navigate this beautiful yet demanding time. I enjoy helping people through the personal experience with the wisdom I'vee gained throughout my own process - prenatal, postnatal, and my extensive training.  My hobbies are reading and learning. I enjoy skating, painting, and taking walks.

Education & Qualifications

Education & Qualifications:

A.S. Health Information Management, San Jacinto College - Houston, TX

Certified Nursing Assistant, Lee College - Houston, TX

Basic Life Support (BLS) & CPR, American Heart Association - Houston, TX

Full Spectrum Doula Training, Bebo Mia - Online

Postpartum Doula Training, Postpartum & Nutritional Doula Training Academy -  Houston, TX


CMF Group Insurance - Postpartum Doula


References available upon request.

Goel Family                                                     Houston, TX                                                      August 2023


Postpartum Doula, Age of children upon hire: 6 Week Twin, Boys

Overnight from 9pm - 5am

• Provided Overnight Care for Infants

• Prepared Bottles - Formula & Breastmilk

• Assisted Mom with Nursing, Soothing and Swaddling Techniques 

• Washed and Sterilized Baby Equipment

• Assisted with baby's laundry and household tasks while family slept

• Kept Notes Of Changes In Baby's Behavior


Looke-Thompson Family                                 Houston, TX                                            July - Aug 2023

Postpartum Doula, Age of children upon hire: Infant & Toddler, Girls

Day time support, as needed

• Provided Full Infant and Sibling Care

• Prepared Bottles - Formula

• Prepared Nutritious Meals for Both Children

• Engaged in Age-Appropriate and Educational Play

• Assisted with Maintaining Consistent Sleep Schedule for Both Children

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